Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Asset Management on TallyPrime covers Asset Classification, user defined depreciation methods with Automatic Entry Systems and rates definition, Asset Procurement/Disposal/Depreciation calculations, Asset location and custodian details, put to use date with services details and fixed asset registers.

Document Management Tally Dubai

Documentation in Tally

Document Management solution will help you view, print and Download the documents just by a click. With Document Management feature, you can attach all the documents related to a single ledger, you can attach Purchase orders, sales orders, Invoice etc. at the time of all transactions. This feature also helps you to locate your files and folders from anywhere i.e. drop box, Google drive etc.

Approval in Tally Dubai

Approval Module

Various Transactions Approval with or without Digital signature, As per Credit Limit or Outstanding Balance basis DO/Sales Transactions Approval Systems 


Branch to head office Tally

Auto Branch Accounting

As per Transactions Automatic Create/Alter System from Branch to HO or HO to Branch, 
Automatic Master creation or alteration